I’m Gabriel – a product and service designer. Currently, I work for a couple of stealth startups designing user-friendly ML applications.

Featured work  ·  2020–2023

About me

I am Gabriel, a LatinX in Tech with a Master's degree in Human-Computer Interaction from Carnegie Mellon University. I currently work as a Founding Product Designer for a couple of stealth startups, where I specialize in designing user-friendly machine learning applications.

My background in architecture and passion for human-computer interaction guide my approach to designing products and services. I believe that design can create systems that not only improve the aesthetic but also enhance human qualities and improve people's lives, whether it be a building or an app.

My professional goal is to work with companies that share my passion for human-AI collaboration and offer opportunities for me to enhance my skills in design. If you're interested in connecting, please reach out to me via email or check out my resume.


Portrait Analytics
Founding Product Designer
“Gabriel proved indispensable in the development of our MVP, which played a pivotal role in securing pre-seed funding [...] His professionalism, expertise, and unwavering dedication make him an invaluable asset.” David Plon, Founder & CEO, Portrait Analytics
Product Designer
"Gabriel has remarkable leadership capabilities [...] He demonstrated exceptional design skills, an inquisitive nature, strategic decision-making abilities, and effective coordination skills with key stakeholders to solve problems.” Donald Butts, Director, InterDigital
WRNS Studio
Service Designer
"Gabriel rose to every challenge that came his way and showed an immense amount of capability in handling new tasks [...] He is an exemplary professional and a wonderfully kind, empathetic and level headed person.” Daniel Johnson, Associate, WRNS Studio

Want to create user-centered solutions? Drop me an email.