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Casa Barragan

SPRING 2021 (2 months)

My Role



Responsible for secondary research, competitive test, task analysis, user flow, card sorting, usability test, and paper and clickable prototypes.

(1) Product Designer (me)
(1) Project Manager

Volunteering Project during my tenure at Casa Barragan.

Casa Barragan

SPRING 2021 (2 months)

My Role

Responsible for secondary research, competitive test, task analysis, user flow, card sorting, usability test, and paper and clickable prototypes.


(1) Product Designer (me)
(1) Project Manager


Volunteering Project during my tenure at Casa Barragan.

Project Goals

1. Propose a solution for improving Casa Barragan’s online services.

2. Find opportunities to raise interest in this architectural masterpiece.

3. Leverage smartphone’s capabilities to elevate on-site tours.

Developing an app to both improve online visitors’ experience and complement on-site tours at Casa-Estudio Luis Barragan.


Difficult to Experience the House Online

I initiated by surveying the inadaptability of Casa Barragan’s website on mobile phones and deduced that it is difficult to experience the house online.

Travelers With a Passion for Design

The audience consisted of travelers with a passion for design.​

Roadblocks Along the User’s Online Path

In order to find inspiration, analogous applications were examined to learn from their successes and to uncover opportunities in their faults. By examining the steps necessary to take a virtual tour of the house, I was able to identify some roadblocks and shortcuts along the user’s online path.

Task Analysis Diagram

Correlation Between Rooms and the Floor Plans Is Missing

The results of the comparative analysis revealed that, although Casa Barragan’s website displays the rooms of the house in a sequential manner, an explicit correlation between these and the floor plans is missing. Another aspect to consider is its accessibility on mobile phones, where the website’s information is portrayed in too small a format.

Screenshots From Casa Barragan's Website <>


A Better Way to Experience Casa Barragan Online

Based on an original assumption and subsequent analysis, I defined the problem: design enthusiasts need a way to experience Casa Barragan online, because there currently are not sufficient resources to do so.​

And a hypothesis: We believe that by developing an app which allows design enthusiasts to experience Casa Barragan virtually, both their understanding and appreciation for this masterpiece will grow. We will know this to be true when online traffic and bookings increase.


How Might We Reproduce or Enhance the Experience of the House Using a Mobile Phone?  

"How Might We" Diagram


Reproduce the Experience of Touring the House

Taking into consideration the primary needs of users, my proposal is an application which reproduces the experience of touring the house by seamlessly merging information screens with audio descriptions and maps. At the same time, this application would supplement on-site tours with additional features such as the “LookUp (QR Code)”.

User Flow Diagram

Translate the Website’s Site Map into a Scrollable Home-Menu

Moving ahead, a closed card sorting exercise would be conducted to translate the website’s site map into a scrollable home-menu for mobile phones.

Open Card Sorting Results

Concentrate on the “Take a Virtual Tour” Features

After defining the layout of this application and proceeding to concentrate -for now- on the “Take a Virtual Tour” features, I moved on to sketching the key screens.

Home Menu

Map Navigation

Room Page

Low-Fidelity Prototype


Optimize the Way Users Navigate

Finally, I incorporated those sketches with the user flow into a low-fidelity mock-up to run a series of usability tests. Primarily, these evaluations focused on navigation across the different screens and maps.

Based on the results, I was able to optimize the way users move through the house’s successive rooms and gauge to what degree they rely on the “Map” button located in the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen. 

Usability Test Results


A Better Mobile Experience for Everyone

Since Casa Barragan wants to improve its online services as a means to raise interest, it needs to focus on providing a better mobile experience for design enthusiasts. Considering that almost 60% of global internet traffic comes from these devices.1 

If I were to continue working on the project, I would like to explore some features suggested by the usability test takers like 3D Photos, to portray spaces in three dimensions. And live GPS, to track visitors’ locations and suggest relevant content.

Future phases of the project should also regard the app’s booking and shop features to generate additional impact on conversion rate.


Want To Learn More?

If you are interested to learn more about this project, you can try out the latest version of its prototype clicking here.

High-Fidelity Prototype

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