Providing tailored solutions for partners of sleep apnea patients to enhance their collective sleep quality with ResMed

Team & Role

As the lead product designer and strategist, I worked for five weeks with two researchers and a graphic designer to conduct research and develop the vision for this project.

What I Did

I conceptualized a mobile application that could bring a service-oriented approach to ResMed’s business and expand their offerings. The app would attract new audiences and collect valuable data for the company's future growth.

What I Delivered

Secondary research, insights from semi-structured interviews, stakeholder map, user persona, task analysis, competitive analysis, user flows, user journey map, design system, paper and clickable prototypes, and usability tests.

Project Outcome

I drew attention to ResMed the importance of incorporating empathy and understanding in the recovery process for sleep apnea patients by designing a service that allows the patient's sleeping partners to evaluate their own sleep patterns and comprehend their connection to the patient's treatment.


After reviewing various online articles, I found that infidelity, financial issues and snoring are leading causes of divorce in the United States. Additionally, I learned that a significant 73% of snorers actually have sleep apnea. Although it may not seem significant at first, sleep deprivation can lead to various problems such as tiredness, irritability, and depression. These negative effects can cause resentment between couples and strain relationships. 

However, upon visiting ResMed's website, I discovered that one of their Clinical Concierge Specialists stated that "the first person you'll come into contact with if you're not sleeping well will be your primary physician." From this, I saw an opportunity for ResMed to shift their perspective on the disorder and consider the impact it has on the patient's sleeping partner.


To gain a deeper understanding of how sleep apnea affects relationships, I conducted interviews with the sleeping partners of individuals with the condition. I asked them about their partner's diagnosis, what prompted them to seek medical help, and how they felt after their most recent night of sleep. This allowed me to gain insight into the emotions they were experiencing, their needs, and what they desired.

Through these conversations, I came to the realization that sleeping partners need access to strategies that can help them improve their rest while taking into account the patient's treatment. I observed that while the flow of monetary value and improved health between ResMed and patients is crucial, there is also an opportunity for the company to adopt a service-oriented approach by co-creating value through interactions with stakeholders. This means that value can be generated through the exchange of data between stakeholders in return for things like knowledge and empathy.

AR View

"...there were moments when I felt clueless about my partner’s treatment." Katrina, 42 y/o

This feature simplifies tracking and understanding your partner's CPAP therapy. Easily connect their device to your profile and monitor sleep progress through daily logs and an intuitive dashboard displaying a sleep quality score and graph.

Sleep Summary

"My partner told me he'd been struggling with his treatment too and felt like he was letting me down." Eleanor, 36 y/o

This page provides a detailed analysis of your sleeping patterns, including how factors such as your partner’s mask seals affect your sleep quality. With this information, you and your partner can gain a better understanding of why disruptions may occur and work together to improve your rest.

Personalized Strategies

"...I started going to my husband's appointments with the sleep doctor [...] They also fixed some of the problems I was having with the machine." Helen, 70 y/o

Experience expert-level guidance to the comfort of your own home with the Personalized Strategies feature, helping you troubleshoot and optimize your partner’s CPAP therapy. Utilizing data-driven insights, it offers tailored solutions such as modifying habits and routines to enhance your sleep experience.

Other work

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